the event
Algiers 17 December 2018
In the name of God the Clement and the Merciful          
To His Holiness Pope Francis          

     It is my pleasure to participate with you in the celebration of the birth of Jesus
Christ, the son of Mary, the virgin, may peace be upon them I am also honored on
this blessed occasion to send you herewith a research I have written on the truth of
Christ that peace be upon him. A present from me as a pledge of friendship and love
between us, and as a bridge of peace between the peoples of the world and the
celestial religions. Yes ! A bridge that extinguishes with its lights all the fires of lust
and tyranny here and there and guides humanity towards what ...Read

The books of Sheikh Tahar Badaoui Al-Jazaery, Arabic / French,
(voice of one of the Sheikh's disciples) 6 # 6
Reading the book Ishraqat Ahkam in Ruling
Cheikh Tahar Badawoui commandment of the supplication
Explanation of the Forty Hadith of Al-Nawawi by Cheikh Taher BadaOUi: The second hadith, part seventeen, chapter four #54-5/4
The message of Cheikh Tahar Badaoui to the Algerian people
Listening to Sahih Al-Bukhari by His Eminence Cheikh Taher Badaoui Al-Jazaery: Continuing to the Book of Hajj #51-1/2
Explanation of the Jewel of Tawheed by Cheikh Taher Badaoui: The difference between the Companions and the best of them is our master Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him #51 1/2